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[35 Pcs] 4 in 1 Lundry Detergent Beads Washing Clothes

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3 in 1 laundry beads , 1 containing
- cleaning detergent 
- antibacterial 
- softener 

️* 8 times more cleaning effect than ordinary cleaners‼ ️ 
️* Less foam, the less bubbles, the cleaner the clothes‼ ️ ️
* Neutral ph, can be used by all families, including cute baby clothes 
*️ High solubility, gel beads will automatically dissolve in water‼

Instructions for use:
(Please follow the instructions below to achieve the correct washing effect) 
1.Take out one capsule. Don‘t cut or rip. The transparent wrap is a water-soluble material and need not be torn. 
2.Put the beads directly into the inner cylinder of the washing machine. Do not put the beads into the bin.
3. Put the clothes in and start the washing machine. The product is soluble in water and no residue after washing. Do not use ultra-fast mode below 18 minutes
4.Prefer to add on half cover of scent booster to make the lasting fragrance. 

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