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100Pcs Reusable Food Cover with Free Bag

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Material: PE 
Size: The diameter of the fresh-keeping sleeve is 42 cm, and the packaging is 30 cm long and 20 cm wide 
Product category: fresh-keeping bag Elastic Food Covers
Shelf life: 36 (months) 
Product list: Fresh-keeping bag*100

  • Cold and heat resistant: Fresh-keeping film cover + refrigerator has better fresh-keeping effect
  • Simple and convenient 3 steps to get it: Open the cling film sleeve and align it with the plate
  • Put the plastic wrap on the plate The plastic wrap can completely cover the plate
  • Strong and durable, not easy to break: Can be reused after cleaning
  • The high toughness of PE material will not break: It's easier to stretch the long opening to wrap the plate
  • Good sealing and no leakage: Thick PE material is strong and durable, not easy to break
  • Best kitchen cooking assistant by keeping the food fresh

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